Sarael Stratos

A Ex-Noble descendant of legendary wizard


Name: Sarael Stratos

HP: 16

AC: 12

STR: 9
DEX: 15
CON: 15
INT: 16
WIS: 10
CHA: 19

DIETY: Believes in other meaning or meeting a god in person

WEAPON 1: Dagger

Elemental Spell, Magical Aptitude

Special Abilities:
Eschew Materials, Cantrips, Bound Item (amulet)

Common, Elvish, Gnome, Goblin


Sarael Stratos is the son of Saraus Stratos the legendary wizard and founder of Sarael University. While his mother was pregnant with him she fell ill and it looked like Sarael and her would be lost, desperately Saraus prepared a spell to give Sarael’s mother the strength to survive. Sarael was born but his mother did not make it. For most his life he was raised in the university and studied the nobility and a few other languages. He never really could cast spells from spell books. When he became 17 he was able to cast spells and summon raw magic with no spell book. A small minority of the university was envious of Sarael’s power and resented him for that but his father defended him. When Sarael was 19 his father died of unknown circumstances and Sarael was kicked out of the university dishonorably and was forced to live on the streets till he was able to get a job as an assistant at an appraisal store due to his high intelligence. The fascination Sarael had for magic was uncontrollable so once he had enough money and had honed his skills in the magic arts he set out to be an adventurer and search for wealth and magical artifacts and he will reclaim his honour and his good name. He desires to discover great magic whether it be in his own power or in artifacts that he finds and maybe someday he can make legendary magical things of his own and regain his nobility and start a university of his own

Sarael Stratos

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