Alchemist, BlackFang/M tracker


AC 16 Hp 23
Sr 12 Dx 19 Cn 14 In 14 Ws 12 Ch 15
Long box (8) 1d6 20 arrows
Spells: Cure wounds (2d8
2), Silence (20ft radius)


Amond is a dwarf alchemist who has been helping the PC by training them, then he will lead them to BlackFang. Quirky, perverted remarks. Deep dwarvish/British accent. Ginger beard and hair. Would sacrifice himself for his close friends. KInd. Amon just wants to have a good time. Amond grew up in a small dwarven mountain. While out find alchemic regents one day he returned home to find the mountain home abandoned. Amond has been searching for his missing family ever since. He has not yet shared his theories with the PC or his story.


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